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    A reality exists wherein the best possible version of you will live forever. This may not be that reality, but it also might be. Regardless, it’s the one we’ve got to work with.

“between sunset and sunrise” by Eric Dean, 2012

the sip of the milk left in the cereal bowl, sugar sweet

through puckered lips, a fingertip catches rolling drips

on olive skin, sigh breathed across an embarrassed smile,

chin dips with the swallow and lips reveal a soft laugh through white teeth,

the smell of cereal and warm breath beneath, the invisible colors of contentment

subtle on your silent words, shining penny eyes with more stars than a thousand skies,

flowing ocean deep with truth over the scars of old lies, and here, in this moment,

how time flies, between our hellos and our goodbyes,

lives lived in saturated silence, between sunset and sunrise

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