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    A reality exists wherein the best possible version of you will live forever. This may not be that reality, but it also might be. Regardless, it’s the one we’ve got to work with.

“for him” by Eric Dean, 2008ish

[Originally published in issue #10 of The Literary Hatchet. You can find the poem on page 77 of the free download HERE, or order a print copy HERE.]


I want to disassemble him and lose some of the pieces
Swept under the rug, and I’ll shrug and say
“Sorry, I never saw them.”
I want to put him back together just a little crooked
And crack the clips and strip the screws so you can never fix him.
I want to take the parts you like and rearrange their places.
Tie the best ones together with wire
And throw them in a lake.

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