“My Porcelain Monster” Published!

Toilet Picture by Ana Baranjin

[UPDATE: The anthology is now available. Find more information HERE.]

It’s my great honor to announce that “My Porcelain Monster” has been published in Charon Coin Press‘ “State of Horror: Illinois” anthology due out August 26th of 2014.  This is the first short story I’ve had published, and I’m sincerely thankful to founder/editor Jerry Benns for seeing “beyond the bowl” to the greasy, gristly story beneath.

For at least a year past the date of publishing (August 26th, 2015), “My Porcelain Monster” will no longer appear here on my personal site, and will only be available via the anthology.  I will post links once the anthology is officially released and available for sale, but until then, check out State of Horror and Charon Coin Press on facebook and stay in the loop!



UPDATE: Charon Coin Press has revealed the new cover for State of Horror: Illinois, drawn by my close friend (and my personal illustrator) Natasha Alterici!


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