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    Admitting you simply “don’t know” is a far under-utilized position… and often, the only truly honest one.

“here at the end” by Eric Dean, June 2011

A distant flicker and a bitter breeze

Ash with snow

Next to the coals, we glow

No body for miles, take it slow

no lives to go back to

nothing to know

the city burns down around us and we let go

old monuments slump, weep

concrete cries out with no consolation

no one to listen

Before an audience of silhouettes, we glisten

Fallout settles on sweat

Wet lips remember what our minds forget

The same now as always

But the illusion is shattered

Our bodies broken and battered

Blood runs together, mingles

As we savor the last tingles

Of our bodies’ interaction

As they burn away.

Tomorrow is another day.

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