Bathroom Garbage Disposal

(originally posted 6-15-12 on The Post Apoc)

I’ve always wondered why we don’t install garbage disposals in toilets.  It would make sense.  It would virtually solve the problem of clogged toilets – you would never again need a plunger.  Need to flush a tampon?  Turn on the disposal.  Condom?  Disposal.  Giant compacted shit with five pounds of toilet paper?  Turn on the disposal.  Problems solved!

While we’re at it, why not in the shower as well?  Wife’s hair clot blocking the drain?  Turn on the disposal.  You know that last little piece of soap that’s too small to hang onto and use but too large to toss down the drain, so it sits in the soap dish for months?  Fuck it, toss it in the disposal!  You could even take a shit in the shower and no one would be the wiser…. just make sure the water is running, or the shit would literally hit the fan.

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