“right is just love” by Eric Dean, 2011

 [Published in Tulsa Sunset Publications, issue #2 (2014)]


That shiny armor’s gone, and I can’t compete with

The me that met you, before I let you in

Past the dogs and inside my walls.  And I’m still amazed

At the damage you caused, without fangs

And without claws… just bare hands and beautiful,

Lip-clad jaws.  And no amount of bandages

Or gauze, could stop the bleeding from the holes

You dug to get fingers in deep, meat hook grip

To rip me down the middle and drip

Dry every drop of blood, every tear, every sigh,

And push me to the edge to see if I’d leap, but

I’m too tired to weep, so I try to sleep, and you keep

tugging at the sheet like a leash around my neck.

And I watch the ceiling and wait

for some god to set things straight, but

he ignores those without faith, like you

ignore me to my face, like I ignore all

the reasons I should stop this… and leave this place.

And even the good pieces were left out too long,

Dried up, curled, a cracked glass, cracked voice

And a song,

About the black and white of right and wrong.

But you and I know that right is just love

And wrong is when you don’t belong.

And we don’t.



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