“The Boatman” published by Charon Coin Press


I’m very pleased to announce that my story, “The Boatman” has been selected for publication by Charon Coin Press in the upcoming Paying the Ferryman anthology, due out sometime in 2015. As per the editor, Margie Colton, “Each story to be selected will showcase a different aspect of the after death experience and will draw the readers in to new and different dark realities.” You can read more about this anthology here. Check out the Charon Coin Press sites here and here to stay current with upcoming developments, as well as the release of this anthology.

The story will be available again on THIS site sometime in early 2016.

The cover of Paying the Ferryman, below, was created by my peer and comrade, the talented Natasha Alterici. Follow Natasha and on her art odyssey here and here, and don’t forget… always keep a few coins in your pocket. You’ll never know when it might be time to pay the ferryman.

The Boatman


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