An ode to Takahashi, the noodle-bot

[if this doesn’t make sense to you, you need to play Fallout 4 or watch this]


“People laugh at me.
My hat. My accent.
They joke that I must be broken because I do and say the same thing every day.

I purchase my supplies from the caravans.
Flour. Eggs. Salt.
I replenish my water supply from the boy at the filtration plant.
I make and sell my noodles.
Every day.

The laughing. The joking.
These are services I quietly provide.
These people awake each morning to a dynamic, dangerous, and ever-shifting world. Those they love leave and sometimes never return. The only thing standing between them and death is a makeshift wall of scrap wood and corrugated steel.

So, yes. Every day I offer them what gifts I can.
Levity. Consistency. Reliability. Noodles.
And every day I say the only thing I can – a question to which I offer only one answer.

Na-ni shimasu-ka? (What will you have?)

When I give you my noodles, know that I’m giving you the closest thing to love that I understand.

I’m giving you everything I have.”



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