An Open Letter to Government Employees


(specifically, to the court clerks and judges refusing to issue same-sex marriage licences, though let this apply in every situation in which it may)

Dear Self-Important, Narcissistic Public Officials, Politicians, and Government Employees,

As servants of the public, paid by the public, your ONE JOB is to facilitate the laws of the land – your personal feelings are irrelevant. If you feel you are unable to perform the duties required of you, I fully support your right to vacate the position and seek employment in the private sector, or in a role that doesn’t put you in a position to contradict your beliefs – the parks department has immediate openings for landscaping.

If you choose to remain an employee of the system and decry the laws you’ve been tasked with facilitating, please do so off the clock. While on the clock, please do your job. If you’d like to change the laws you disagree with, there’s a due process in place for that – please take advantage of it. In the meantime, do your job or vacate it. It’s really that simple.


Eric Dean, on behalf of every American citizen with common sense.


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