Baseball Bats are Terrible Weapons


With the amount of anti-war stuff I post, and the amount that I sell measured-non-violence as an alternative to irrational violence, I’m not surprised when people assume I’m a pacifist. I’m not, but I do believe that the only justified application of violence is in defense – either of yourself or someone else, and NOT in premeditated, preemptive cases. I’ve studied martial arts since I was a kid, and while I don’t still actively train, I DO still spend a disgusting amount of time discussing martial philosophy on social media, including (mostly) the application of weapons in self-defense, and begging my friends not to thoughtlessly employ STUPID weapons (like wasp spray, brass knuckles, or your keys between your fingers).

Baseball bats are terrible weapons for most people. They’re slow, they’re two-handed, they require a huge energy investment, and the range of effectiveness is a very thin margin. If they’re an inch outside of it: whiff. If they’re an inch inside of it: no power. The rate of attack is VERY slow, so if you fuck up that first swing, you’re wide open for a counter-attack.

Game plan for facing someone with a bat: fake a lunge from outside the range, watch the bat go by, step inside the range. Bat is now useless.

If you’re relying on a baseball bat as your car or home defense weapon, there’s one thing you can do to fix it: Saw it off right where the taper between the handle and barrel is at its widest before leveling off at the barrel width. Now you’ve got a one-handed cudgel that delivers a deadly punch with a much faster rate of attack and a much smaller energy investment. Also, it leaves your other hand free for blocking and grappling.


The final product: a sawed-off bat

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4 Responses to Baseball Bats are Terrible Weapons

  1. Darin L Clements says:

    Wow. The stupid is strong in you. Maybe learn tactics before espousing ignorance. A bat, club, axe handle, etc are not just swinging weapons. Thrust, parry, block, butt-stroke and low swing are all viable and effective tactics.
    Stick to pacifism and telling everyone on social media how brilliant you are.

  2. Eric Dean says:

    I’m sorry my content isn’t for you, Darin, but I appreciate your feedback.

  3. Mike Drinkwater says:

    Yeah I was thinking along similar lines. In cruising self defense media, I’ve always heard/read that thrusting with a bat is not only more accurate, but energy efficient than swinging. A sawed off bat is not a new idea, nor a terrible idea…and could be quite useful in niche application, like in a vehicle or other space limited settings. Effective range limitations not withstanding, a lead loaded bat could be even more effective. Still, not nearly as effective as traditional self defense weapons, and none are overly effective without training.

  4. Andrew says:

    Gotta take a moment to despair at Darin thinking anything short off unprovoked violence is pacifism. Sounds like someone has anger issues and a fragile ego! And thrusting with a bat? What would be the point! You d still need two hands, itd be a weak attack and easy to dodge.

    As for the article you made some good points! Prob depends on your fighting ability mind, as someone who can’t throw a punch can at least be intimidating with a full bat. As a martial artist myself I learnt that’s half the battle. If you have experience with a two handed weapon it’s prob smart, but you’re right it’s not good for the average schmo.