I don’t believe in fate


[UPDATE – 6/4/15] I was in a very emotional place when I wrote this, and while I still don’t disagree with the basic premise I was trying to convey, I think, if given the chance to write it again, I could do a better job. Thankfully, Heidi Priebe wrote a similar piece much better than my own.


I don’t believe in fate.

I don’t believe that what is meant to happen, will happen, or that everything happens for a reason. This implies a grand plan in contrast with free will.

It’s comforting to believe that everything has happened for a reason, and easy to assign reasons to what has happened in order to justify it. It’s comfortable to believe that everything that is meant to happen simply will, and that fate will somehow operate in your best interest.

There is a place for hope. Is there anything to be done? Have you done all you can do? Are you sure? If so, then your last resort should be hope.

Bridges don’t appear just because a river needs to be crossed. People have to build those bridges, and it’s hard work, but by god, if you want to cross that river, you have to build the bridge. That said, not all rivers can be crossed, but you won’t know until you try. Trying, itself, is a funny thing. When have you tried enough?

What would you do if a giant asteroid were heading for the planet, and you had only one day left? Spend it with your family? Get high and sit on the roof and watch the show? I’d certainly tell the people I love that I love them, give a few hugs and shed a few tears, that’s a given. After that? You’ll find me in my backyard with a shovel, sweating and panting a digging a hole as deep as I fucking can until the last minute, at which time I will jump into it.

Not all your hopes and dreams are attainable. That’s a sad fact… but don’t let them die on the pavement while you sit to the side wondering why fate has abandoned you. If your hopes and dreams are going to die, they’d better die in your arms while you perform CPR until you pass the fuck out.

I want to know… I HAVE to know… that there was nothing more I could possibly do.

(Then again, perhaps I am merely a tool of fate. Maybe fate pushed me to write this in order to motivate and guide me to enact its will. That’s absolutely possible too. All of this might just be a part of the Tao. What do I know? I’m just some guy.)

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One Response to I don’t believe in fate

  1. Anthony Gaba-DeLaCroix says:

    I am not going to leave any visual poetry about love and peace. This is great food for thought.