“It’s Friday”

(originally posted 6-15-12 on The Post Apoc)

I don’t like that “it’s Friday” has become an acceptable response to “Hey, how are you?

I didn’t ask you what day it was – I asked you how you were.  If you’re happy that it’s Friday, say so.  Why are you leaving it up to me to interpret your feelings about this particular day of the week?  How do I know you don’t loathe Fridays? Maybe I was beaten severely every Saturday as a child and I now have a residual fear and nervousness that permeates my Fridays.

That puts a whole new spin on “It’s Friday”, now doesn’t it, asshole?  Thanks for reminding me!

How about I just start answering with the day of the week regardless of what you ask me?

You: “Hey Eric, what’s up man?”

Me: “It’s Tuesday!”

You: “Yeah… heh… so, is something happening today?”

Me: “Tuesday stuff.”

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