my love is heavy and unchecked


I heard your name before I ever saw your face

The collective crush of a gang whose lips made love to your name


and talked of you like you were a legend, some lesbian myth I had to see for myself

and when I saw for myself and our eyes met over a pair of saw blade earrings,

and you showed me my own name written there in your notebook,

and I knew I had to know you

and we had coffee and chemistry, and you knew you had to know me too

and your smile drugged me, and I drug you home and gave you my sales pitch

and you were sold

and just when I was ready to settle for friendship, you turned to me and said


“I want to kiss you, but I’m afraid I’ll like it.”

And you did.


and a love we never expected sparked and flared to life a forest fire


I got scared, I admit, and I hesitated, but once I knew what it was to be without your warmth

I never wanted to be without it again.

I don’t want to be without it now.

I never looked forward to bathing until it became a team sport.

I never knew I could be a morning person until I woke up next to you.

I never wanted to leave the glittering comfort of my cave

until you did.


And now my lips make love to your name as I roll it around in my mouth and wish

for another opportunity to use it aloud.

And yeah my love is loud, and yes my love is heavy, and unchecked, it can break the levee and leave me drowning.

But in you, I found a place to love where I felt healthy.

And the flowers that grew askew in our haphazard love

were so goddamn beautiful.



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