“Prelude to silence” (August, 2011)


A volcano in the desert

All it knows is reaching

Tearful eruption

Violent expression

Full feeling

Among quiet, shifting dunes.


The sand urges restraint, patience, but

Ferocious beauty shatters silence

A dying star in the infinite emptiness of space

White hot ringing, screaming, pulsing heart

Burning, consuming,

Blind and breathless celestial catharsis,

No prejudice or intention.


We curse the sun for burning our skin.

But it’s just bite marks and bruises left

from haphazard love.

Irresponsible and clumsy and crazy and



I am bones

And muscle

And flesh

And skin

And eyes

And lips

And breath

And hands

And sound

And questions

And fear

And doubt.


You are not lost unless none can find you.

Moments pass and some remind you

Of the past, and those behind you.

Aching, pillars swaying, straining – we struggle in maintaining…


…Decorum. Composure. Security.

Logical. Sensible. Cautious.

Black and white. Safe.


Volcanoes erupt.

Stars ignite.

We live and die.

Day and night.


I am bones that break and heal.

I am muscle that tries and fails.

I am flesh that begs to feel.

Itching skin that begs for nails.

I am eyes, honey colored, furrowed brow,

I am lips, silent now.

Deep Breath. Slow Breath. Keep Breathing.


My hands, so clever, waste their cunning.

Sounds of keys clicking, gears turning, mind running.

Blood flowing. Colors stunning…


No “uneventful” in my sky. Pouring rain or desert dry.

God… Still I step and still I try,

I’ll never stop… can’t stop… I’ll die.


Heavy teeth behind soft lips.

Soft palms and iron fists.

Fighting shoulders and Fucking hips.

Feet and ankles, hands and wrists.

veins pulse, blood warms,

Turtle shell weathers storms,

cracked carapace and

This face.

The only one I’ve got.

A volcano heart burning white-star hot.

All it knows is reaching… reaching a

Tearful eruption.

Violent expression.

Full feeling.

Among quiet, shifting dunes.

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