The Libertarian Principle as applied to Infringing Ideologies

I have no problem with religion – any religion. What I have a problem with are individuals that, for whatever reason, choose to cross a hard line that I call the Libertarian principle. That being: “People should be allowed to do whatever they want to do, live life in any way that makes them happy, so long as they aren’t hurting others or infringing on others rights to do the same.”
Sometimes, entitlement or authority causes an individual, or group of individuals, to cross that line. Sometimes a political or religious ideology is their cause for crossing it, but whatever their motivation, it is the individual who is responsible for crossing that line, and the individual who must then be dealt with – even if the number of individuals happens to be great.
What do I mean by “dealt with”? Do I mean killed? Eradicated? Do I suggest we eliminate the ideological source of whatever motivation caused them to cross that imaginary line in the imaginary sand? No. Whatever happens on the OTHER side of that line is irrelevant. It’s none of my business, and it’s none of yours. Their beliefs, their lifestyle, is none of anyone’s business but their own. What IS our business is the crossing of that line, and the infringement upon OUR rights and lifestyles. Thus, the only right we have is to do what is necessary to push those individuals BACK across that line, and stop the infringement.
You can tell them that their beliefs or lifestyles are “wrong”, the same as they can tell you, but neither of you have any right to prevent the other from living the way either of you want to live, beyond crossing the line of the Libertarian principle. We have no right to force a change in the way others live through fear, intimidation, or legislation – we only have a right to do what is necessary to push them back across that line and cease the infringement. That’s all.
I’m not for the elimination of any religion or the eradication of its followers. That’s none of my business, and it’s irrelevant, because in order to do so, I would be crossing the very same line I am defending from THIS side, and I would be infringing on the very same rights I’m trying to protect for myself.
True, some political and/or religious ideologies cause more people to cross that line than others – some seem downright designed and determined to do so, but again, people have a right to believe whatever they wish to believe, and you have no right to prevent them from doing so. They do not, however, have a right to cross the line into infringing on your rights, and if they do, it is the fault of the individuals who crossed that line, and not the fault of an abstract collection of concepts and ideas.
When individuals cross that line, and begin hurting others or infringing upon their rights, push them back across that line. To pursue them, or their motivating ideologies, across that line makes you the antagonist.
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