The Paintbrush that Just Wanted to Help

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[UPDATE: The book has been listed on HERE. Please swing by and leave a review/comment.]

The Paintbrush that Just Wanted to Help

(Click the link above for a printable PDF)

Please share this, copy it, print it, give it away, or use it as fireplace tinder.

Thank you,

Eric Dean

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3 Responses to The Paintbrush that Just Wanted to Help

  1. Delisa says:

    What a wonderful book!!!! Not only is it filled with knowledge but an important lesson!!! I’m not big on reading but I really enjoyed reading your book! I think you done an excellent job!!!!

  2. Kelly Dean says:

    Cute story with a valuable lesson; to find one’s purpose and accepting that sometimes it’s not realized until it’s truly needed 🙂

  3. Nancy Adams says:

    Excellent story, well written for a child to understand and the illustrations are priceless … they add to the excitement! I can just imagine Zachery, our 5 year old grandson, relating to every word. The most important event in his little life right now is filling his tool box just like his daddy’s. I think you should continue your walk and have it published. You are certainly on a path for children’s books. And, I agree, there are so few out there now that can capture the imagination of a young learning mind. Great work; very talented and creative on your part. Glad you decided to remove it from the shelf …