Ultimately Meaningless Opinion From A Vote-Wasting Libertarian


If you disagree with a candidate’s positions or opinions, attack the positions or opinions.

People taking some kind of stand in only referring to Trump as Drumpf sound, to me, just like those who insist on typing Barack HUSSEIN Obama, with the middle name in all caps, as if it means something.

Those making fun of Trump, Melania, Hillary, or Michelle Obama based solely on their physical attributes look silly, and are basically saying, “I don’t have the time or desire to do the necessary research to meaningfully attack this person’s positions.” We’re not electing people’s looks. It’s a political election, not a beauty pageant.

The people attacking Trump and Melania’s marriage are very likely the same people who defended Bill and Hillary’s marriage as irrelevant to their political performance. The people defending Trump and Melania’s marriage as irrelevant to their political performance are very likely the same people who attacked Bill and Hillary’s marriage.

Play nice. Try not to be assholes.


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