Universal Parking Permit


This is my homemade “Universal Parking Permit”. I’ve posted this before, but I think it warrants repeating.

I park on private property when I go to work (I actually do have an agreement with the owner), so I made my own parking permit because his employees kept asking me why I was parking there. This is actually the second version of the permit that I printed up for a loaner-vehicle I’m driving until Tuco (my Xterra) is out of the shop.

Since I started using this, I’ve been saved from SO many potential tickets, tows, and boots. In short, I haven’t gotten a single one of any of the above over the last three years, despite NEVER paying a parking meter. I’ve been called by property owners, construction workers, TU parking enforcement, and even a trash man who needed me to move so he could get to a dumpster.

The first half is true regarding the purpose for which it was created, but when parking anywhere else, it gives the parking enforcement agent pause enough to actually call me, which solves both of our problems without hassle or paperwork.

It may not save you every time, but it gives them an out, and if they’re cool, they’ll take the out. Like I said, I haven’t gotten a single ticket in 3 years, despite having been called about ten times, thanks to this permit.

I typed this up in MS-Word, printed it on my work printer, and had it laminated at Fedex Office for $1.99. It’s worth it. Save yourself the worry and hassle of questionable parking and make one for YOUR car.


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