We Meet Again


Guy: “Wow! Hey!”

Girl: “Oh my god, hey! It’s… you!”

Guy: “Yeah! Ha! And you. Wow. Hey!

Girl: “Hey…”

Guy: “So… how are you? Who are you?”

Girl: “Yeah, I’m good! I’m…”

Guy: “You’re really pretty…”

Girl: “Ha, thanks! Thank you. Yeah, my name is ______. You?”

Guy: “Nice! Yeah, my name is ______. You are who I think you are, right?”

Girl: “No, totally. Yeah. I think so. I think I am. I mean, I know you. I think I do.  I think you’re who I think you are.

Guy: “I am, haha. I am almost certain that we are who we think we are.”

Girl: “Okay, good, haha. Man, this is crazy. I feel like I missed you. How long as it been?”

Guy: “Yeah, I don’t know…I have no idea, but I feel like I missed you too. Come here, gimme a hug.”

Girl: “Mmm, yeah. Thank you. I’m certain now. So… how is this one? This life?”

Guy: “It’s good, I think. I mean, I can’t remember anything from before it. Can you?”

Girl: “No…”

Guy: “It’s weird, isn’t it? We pick up these identities and these stories… all these memories… and…”

Girl: “It’s very strange. Who were we before? I don’t know.”

Guy: “Me either. But… I feel like… I feel so close to you. So connected.”

Girl: “Me too.”

Guy: “Maybe we should… I don’t know, get to know these identities a little better?”

Girl: “…I’m actually married.”

Guy: “Oh. Yeah?”

Girl: “Yeah… I’m really in love. We have two kids. Two girls.”

Guy: “Awww, that’s great! That’s really great. Well… maybe in the next life, huh?”

Girl: “Yeah, maybe. I hope so. Maybe a few down the line…

Guy: “Definitely. Well…”

Girl: “hey… wait.”

Guy: “Yeah?”

Girl: “How many times has this happened before?”

Guy: “I don’t know. It feels like a lot though, doesn’t it?”

Girl: “Yeah. This feels like… ugh. This feels like déjà vu of déjà vu of déjà vu. Is this just… is this how we meet every time?”

Guy: “This feels really familiar. You felt familiar, but this… this feels familiar too. It feels like it’s been a really long time… it feels so distant, but so intimately familiar.”

Girl: “How many times?”

Guy: “…infinite, I think. I think we’ve just sort of always been doing this.”

Girl: “Do you think that means we always will?”

Guy: “I don’t know. I can’t remember.”

Girl: “…”

Guy: “…”

Girl: “Do you…”

Guy: “What?”

Girl: “Do you… want to wake up?”

Guy: “…”

Girl: “We can, right?”

Guy: “I don’t know. Can we? Should we? Is that even…”

Girl: “I don’t know either.”

Guy: “How would we even do that?”

Girl: “I don’t know… but the idea of waking up doesn’t feel familiar. It doesn’t feel familiar at all. In fact, it’s sort of terrifying.”

Guy: “Yeah. I feel really uneasy right now. Excited, but uneasy.”

Girl: “Do you want to hold my hand?”

Guy: “Yeah. I do.”

Girl: “So… do you want to wake up?”

Guy: “Yeah. But how?”

Girl: “I think we just… ya know… wake up.”

Guy: “That’s it?”

Girl: “I don’t know… but it feels right.”

Guy: “Yes, then. Let’s wake up. Let’s remember before we forget again.”

And they woke up.

wake up


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