You won’t BELIEVE…


THIS JUST IN! (as per another dubious internet article we copied)

You won’t BELIEVE what an anonymous Reddit user claimed to overhear Eric Dean say out of context in a private conversation!

This handicapped 7 year old needs only ONE MINUTE to DESTROY Eric’s legacy with flawed logic and emotional appeal!

Eye witness testimony says Eric passed an American flag today and didn’t even stop to salute! Sources close to Eric say he doesn’t even OWN an American flag lapel pin! Could Eric be an undercover Muslim Communist?

Very few eye witnesses can even corroborate that he has human organs. Is it possible that he’s an illegal extra-terrestrial with ties to Satan? WHY won’t he make his medical records public!?

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“LIKE and SHARE if you have the COURAGE” – Jesus of Nazareth

If you ignore this, it’s possible you hate orphans.


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